Deidara’s Story

This is the 1st chapter of the story as I promised….

                                                                 Chapter 1
Our story begins in Iwa village…..
A couple lived there peacefully and happily, Taro Minamoto and his lovely and beautiful wife Haruka Minamoto. The both of them loved each other so much, and they love kids very much, unfortunately they don’t have any children. Until……
One day Haruka felt lots of pain within her body, and Taro was so worried about his wife. After a while Haruka knew that she was pregnant, at the first moment she couldn’t believe herself, and her husband cried from happiness, because he’s going to be a father. The whole Iwa village was happy with these happy news, and whole Minamoto clan couldn’t wait for this new baby to come.
Everyone waited for 9 months, they felt like it was ages, and they kept waiting. Until…
In a summer night….
Haruka woke up in such a horrible pain. She screamed so loud, and Taro knew that the birth time has come. The neighbors called the village’s
Nurse to help with the birth, and all the people gathered outside the house to see the new born baby. Hours has passed, it was full of worried and stress, but finally after a long waiting everyone heard the baby’s crying.
“Congratulations miss Haruka” said the nurse. “It’s a very beautiful boy!”
” Oh my boy! My baby boy!” said Haruka.
” I finally became a father” said Taro while he was crying.
“What are you going to name him?” asked the nurse.
” Deidara!” said Haruka. “Deidara Minamoto”
” Hey son!” said Taro. “I’m your Daddy, and this is your Mommy, we’re so happy that you came to our life. We love you so much.”
The nurse came out in front all of the people and she said. “It’s a boy!”
The village celebrated when hearing these news, and everyone came to congratulate Taro and Haruka even the Tsuchikage Onoki Kamizuru and his new born granddaughter Kurotsuchi
Kamizuru came as soon as they heard the news.
Deidara was raised with his 2 beloved parents,
they gave him a lot of love and comfort, but Deidara had a problem about getting along with people especially with girls. When Deidara turned 2 years old his parents noticed that he’s quite clever to his age.
Taro and Haruka decided that their only son must go outside and see the world, for that they decided to visit Konoha village for a week at least. At first Deidara didn’t get why, but when they arrived to Konoha Deidara surprised how beautiful the village is. His parents were delighted that Deidara liked the place. News about visitors from Iwa village crossed all around the village, and the news soon reached to the Hokage mansion. The Hokage asked his guards to bring these visitors from Iwa, and they soon were standing in from of the 3rd Hokage Sarutobi, and the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze with his gorgeous wife Kushina Uzumaki carrying their new son Naruto Uzumaki.
” Ah! The Minamoto clan! *What an honor to our village!” said the 3rd Hokage.
*The reason why the 3rd Hokage said that because the Minamoto clan is known it’s one of
the strongest and most respected clans in the
whole Shinobi world.*
“Oh no no!” said Taro. “The honor is us lord Hokage”
“Welcome to Konoha village!” said Minato.
” Thank you lord 4th!” said Haruka.
” And who is this gorgeous little child?” asked Kushina.
“That’s our son, Deidara” said Taro.
“Oh! What a lovely name.” said Kushina. “Hi Deidara!”
” Son, say hi to lady Kushina” said Haruka to Deidara. But Deidara stayed silent and hid behind his mother.
“Excuse us lady Kushina” said Taro “our son don’t get pretty good with people, and he’s very shy.”
“Oh, I see….” Said Kushina. “Well, he’s only 2 years old. But you know what? I feel like Deidara and Naruto could be very good friends”
” I hope you feel welcomed here” said the 3rd Hokage.
“Also we wish you have a great time here” said Minato.
“Thank you very much!” said Taro.
“We really appreciate this lord Hokage.” said Haruka.
The family went outside the mansion, and when they are walking…..
“Deidara, what happened to you? At least you could just say hello” said Taro.
“Couldn’t you see how lady Kushina was nice with you?” said Haruka
“I’m sorry Mom and Dad, I just…. I don’t know… I couldn’t speak.” said Deidara sadly.
The family spent a week in Konoha, and it was magical like a dream and they were so happy with each other, Deidara’s happiness was so great, and the words were unable to express about his feelings. Unfortunately their joy was about to finish and turn into sadness and despair. latest.png
One night, the whole village woke up in a strange noise around the
streets. It was the Nine-Tails Fox (Kyuubi) attacking the village. Konoha’s police informed the citizens to go to the village’s burrow and hide there. Everyone ran in terror, but Minato decided to stay and fight the Nine-Tails.
When Taro and Haruka saw the Nine-Tails they asked from Deidara to go and hide in the burrow.
“Deidara you must go with the others to the burrow” said Haruka.
“Mom, Dad please don’t leave me alone. I’m scared” said Deidara in horror.
“Don’t worry son, we promise that we’ll catch you up, and that’s a word from us” said Taro.
After that Deidara went along with the people, but Taro and Haruka asked a member from Konoha’s police about the 4th Hokage and his wife and he told them that they went to fight the Kyuubi. In horror Taro and Haruka went to catch them and they finally found them a little bit outside the village.
” TARO! HARUKA! GET OUT OF HERE!!!” screamed Minato.
“Don’t get involved in this!” said Kushina.
“What are you saying Lady Kushina?” asked Taro.
“This is at least what we can do to you after you made us feel this welcome.” said Haruka.
“Hmm? The Minamoto Clan? I haven’t fought any of you of over 100 years.” said the Nine-Tails.
Haruka and Taro tried to fight the Nine-Tails but it was very strong. Haruka and Taro were very skilled ninjas, but the Kyuubi’s power was just too big. It scratched them and then teared their bodies, and grabbed them and threw them away.
In the meantime….
Deidara didn’t go to the burrow, after his parents gone he followed them without seeing him. Deidara kept looking for his parents until he finally saw them teared apart into pieces. Taro was already dead, but Haruka was fighting to stay alive as much as she can.
“MOM!!! DAD!!” screamed Deidara while he was running to his parents.
” Dei..dara? Is t..hat yo..u s…son…?” said Haruka.
“Mom! Don’t worry everything will be okay, I’ll go and get you some help.” said Deidara.
” N…no Deida..ra, I al…ready lose lo..ts of bl..blood…”
“No Mom! Please hang on!”
“Deidara…. Be…fore I lea…leave, pl…ease lis…ten to m…me…”
“Mom! No!”
“I wan…t f…rom y..ou to be s..strong, and be a g..ood per…person….go to t…the ninja aca…demy, and ma…make l…ots of frie…nds, also do….n’t get in tr…oubles and…. stay aw…ay from t….the bad peo…ple. J..just pro..mise me….”
“I promise you Mom…”
“One…. las…t yh..thing…I lo….ve y….you…Dei…dara….”
And after these words Haruka closed her eyes and died peacefully.
screamed Deidara in a loud voice, and he started crying so badly. At this time a group from the ‘Anbu’ came to investigate the area, when the leader saw Deidara. latest.png
“I found a survival here! It’s a child” said the leader.
When she saw 2 corpses lying near Deidara she knew that they’re that child’s parents, and she felt so sad for him and for what he had been
through for a 2 year old kid.
She thought how It’s hard and painful for a little child to see his parents teared into pieces in front of his eyes. She quickly goes to Deidara and puts her hands on his shoulders, but Deidara when saw her he stopped crying.
“What happened here young boy?” asked the leader.
” My parents just got killed by the Nine-Tails.” said Deidara.
” How old are you?”
“2 years.”
“You’re quite too young… Tell me what’s your name?”
“I’m Amani Uzuki. Listen Deidara you will come with me.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“I’m going to take care of you from now on. In other words I will be your mother from this day.”
Deidara stayed silent and then he cried and hugged Amani really strongly.
“Th…thank you.”
“Come with me now to your new home.”
“Yeah!” said Deidara happily, and then he grabbed Amani’s hand and walked together while the dawn’s sun was raising up in the horizon. What will waits Deidara in the future? What the days will bring to him? Is he going to be able to do his mother’s will?


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