If you have any questions you’d like to ask please read this page…

  • What is this blog about?

Well… basically we’re just art lovers who we love art and we’d like sharing it with you!

Our goal is to talk about art (drawing, writing, photography…etc) and publish it, or maybe we can make art contests and learn from professional artist.

  • What I can do here?

Art lovers will never get board here, since you have lots to see talk about. You can follow me and see what I publish here, and you can give me your opinions, advises….etc, because I really appreciate this ^^                                                                                                                              And maybe here you can meet some new friends.

  • Who are you anyway?

My name is Dark_Rose, and my real name is Rand Talih. I’m 15 years old Arab girl, and I just adore drawing especially anime (since I’m a Otaku). I write bunch of thing too (most of them are uncompleted stories). I don’t like taking pictures a lot, but I’d be pleasured to show you views from my camera of my city.

  • Does this blog has to do anything with a company or something like that?

What? Oh! No no! Not at all. It’s just an independent blog for art lovers. It has nothing to do with companies or charities.

  • Is there any rules I have to follow here?

Yes of course there are. For example: art lovers and artists should be elegant and sensitive, which that means NO FIGHTING!! Please we’re just here to have some fun. And NO BULLYING!!! I just hate when people bully each other, and that does not fit art lovers. Also please don’t spam anything in the comments. Also NO SWEAR WORDS!!! I mean, c’mon people… geez. Please just don’t say any swear words or say any sexual words. And finally have fun here ^^

  • How I can contact you?

Simply if you want to contact me you can E-mail me by my E-mail randtalih66@yahoo.com if you ever need anything from me or you’d like to show me some of your works.

  • Can I help running this blog?

Well… I never thought about this just yet. But don’t worry, when the time comes I’ll post an announcement about this asking for your help.

If there any question you didn’t find it’s answer here you can just E-mail me and ask at randtalih66@yahoo.com, and thank you.